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it and explain it is this vast right wing conspiracy that has been conspireing against my husband since the day he announced for president. >> as we learned, she was right on target. it's only gotten worse under president obama. and, today, mrs. clinton said good-bye to the state department. she'll be remembered for many things, for being a powerful leader, a force in the democratic party and this. her nonstop fight against the right wing's vicious attack. that story is coming up. this vacation... has been a year in the planning. and here you are.. standing... nay... staring down your dreams. the rest of your holiday hinges on the moment you walk through that door. the door opens.. ...you hold your breath... and then you realize... you got it right! you got it booking right. because it doesn't get any better than this. it doesn't get any booking better than this. look at the view. look at the booking view. this is exactly what you booking needed. bask in the booking glory... at over a quarter million properties. planet earth's #1 accommodation site booking.com booking.yeah bikes and balloons, w
somebody in from the other party. which of course is what barack obama is doing. as i said, people against him in the hearing are likely not going to be the ones he is looking to as secretary as allies, to begin with. but generally this is a position that works across the aisle because of the position of the military. >> and he is a man without a home. because he is a republican in name, republicans don't think he is much of a republican. democrats, a lot of them don't -- they're not flthrilled with him because of the israeli comments. but he has to reach out to both sides of the aisle. >> he has work to do. let's talk about the economy and how it potentially could impact the president's political strength this year going into his second term. 157,000 jobs created in january. you take a look at the -- a lot of jobs created last year. still not moving. the economic growth as much as should -- but if you take a look at the jobs that have been created, you take a look at the dow jones. 14,000, it was under 7,000 when he attack office. how much of a political impact will it have on the preside
believe obama won because everyone they know voted against him. the point is, we have different perspectives on this. the reason i will oppose the legislation, chief johnston, is because i respect what you do as a law-enforcement officer. has your budget been cut? >> yes. >> will it be cut in the future? >> i am optimistic that it is not. >> because of the fiscal state of affairs we have, there will be less police officers, not more, over the next decade. response time will be more, not less. so, mr. kelly, i really do want to get guns out of the hands of the wrong people. i honest to god believe that if we arbitrarily say nobody in this country can own a 10-round magazine in the future, there could be a situation where a mother runs out of bullets because of something we do here. i cannot prevent every bad outcome, but i do know and believe in the bottom of my heart that i am not an unreasonable person by saying that in some circumstances the 15-round makes sense and in other situations the ar-15 makes sense. this is why we have these hearings. i really do appreciate the fact t
announced for the first time this to to support a path to citizenship for undocumented youth. the obama administration announced an expansion of sanctions against iran. on wednesday, the treasury department said it would pressure countries buying iran's oil to withhold direct payments and instead force iran to purchase their goods. the treasury widened a sanctions list to include iranian media groups involved in state censorship. following the announcement, iran's top leader, ayatollah alcmene, announced his rejection of rejecting the recent call for direct talks with joe biden. top iranian leaders, including president ahmadinejad, had made favorable statements about the offer earlier in the week, but iranian president said they would do nothing to resolve u.s.-iran differences. iran also has released what it says is surveillance footage extracted from u.s. surveillance drone captured inside its borders in 2011. opposition activists in syria are claiming new civilian casualties in the latest attacks on rebel strongholds around the capital damascus. the syrian observatory for human right
of state john kerry voted against it, and then senator obama gave speeches against it. vice-president biden voted against it. dick lugar voted against it. there were some other republicans. as to the iranian red line, persian gulf, some of the iranian questions you asked, i support the president's strong position of containment, as i said, and i will speak more specifically to a couple of the examples used from my book. but his position i think is right, and when you ask the question about red line, red line, i think the president has gone as far as he can go publicly on that, and he said clearly that in his words, he has israel's back. he said his policy is not to allow the iranians to get a nuclear weapon. what constitutes when the action would be taken? i think that is always something that should not be discussed publicly or debated publicly or out in the public domain. your quotations from my book, which you acknowledge as well, and i always say military options should be on the table, and i had said that consistently, as well as engaging with iran. i have always thought it is far smar
on his behalf. next friday, president obama is going to present that same citizens medal, against posthumously to the newtown teachers who died trying to protect their students at sandy hook elementary school. the announcement by the white house is jet another point of focus on gun violence. bringing the issue to the front of the news again. but that's been happening a lot these days. in fact, i think it is an important salient political point to note just how many days there have been since the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in which gun violence, gun policy, gun reform in one way or another has been a huge part of the day's news. it's not an accident that guns and gun violence have stayed in the news so much. it is very much by design that this is happening. the common wisdom, particularly the beltway common wisdom is that reform on the issue of guns is hard, if not impossible, to achieve. and that's in part because we'll get bored of even talking about this as an issue. it will fade away. what happened at sandy hook was terrible, but it will go down as just anoth
a secret base in saudi arabia, used to launch drones throughout the region. a tactic against terror which has grown 700% under the obama administration. whatever the benefit of the drone strikes, they have created enormous resentment among some here in the region, who view the strikes as another sign of american arrogance. everywhere i travel, from yemen -- >> i think americans, they have no right. they have no right to -- this is our fight. >> reporter: to pakistan. >> you can keep saying, yes, you are hitting the top leadership, but the byproduct of this is anger, anger among people, the innocent people who are getting killed. so, you are just creating more terrorists. >> reporter: now, the man who signs off on the kill list, from a basement office in the white house, john brennan, about to be questioned in front of the world. >> i suggest to you that these targeted strikes against al qaeda terrorists are indeed ethical and just. >> reporter: in pakistan alone, there have been more than 300 drone strikes in the last decade. killing thousands of al qaeda and taliban, but more than 300 ci
and in public comments asserted that it believes it is acting within the law when president obama or some other administration official directs that even an american citizen can be killed. they insist that neither the fifth amendment right to due process, nor the u.s. law against killing americans abroad, nor the u.s. law banning assassinations, nor just the law against murder, nor the laws of war broadly legally constrain the president from ordering the type of assault that killed american citizen and prominent al qaeda figure on war al awlaki in yemen in 2011. al awlaki's son was also killed a couple of weeks after his father was killed. between those two killing, charlie savage at "the new york times" reported on the existence of a legal memo that the government was relying on to claim that the attack was legal. that memo is what is being disclosed to select members of congress tonight. it follows by two days the scoop by nbc news investigative correspondent michael isikoff, who this week on this show disclosed a white paper that was based on the reasoning of that secret memo. tonight's disc
against the senate intelligence committee. that hearing is live at 2:30 p.m. eastern. >> president obama announces his nominee interior secretary ken salazar. postmaster general pastor donohoo announces the end of saturday mail delivery. "washington journal" is live. >> what i have discovered is the war strategy to achieve happiness and life is to make that your primary goal. if you make your happiness what you are striving for, you will not achieve it. you will be knossos cystic, self-involved, caring -- narcissistic, self-involved. happiness is best as a byproduct of other things. it is a five part of meaningful work -- five part of meaningful work, family, friends, good health, love, and care. we get happiness by throwing ourselves into life projects, involving ourselves and trying to have integrity and be a good person. >> whole foods cofounder and ceo john mackey examines how the good of both dismiss and capitalism can lead to a better world. sunday night at 9:00 on "after word.s." president obama nominated sally jewell for interior secretary. she will replace former colorado senato
program and the obama administration's legal justification behind the use of such efforts against al qaeda suspects. a new 16-page memo copy of which was obtained by nbc news offers fresh insights into this controversial practice including the killing of american citizens overseas if they're believed to be senior operational leaders of al qaeda or an associated force. even if there's no intelligence indicating they're engaged in an active plot to attack the united states. >>> such a strike, of course, took place in yemen in september 2011 killing two operatives. both of them were american citizens who hadn't been indicted by the u.s. government or charged with any crimes. in the past, attorney general eric holder has spoken publicly about the administration's three main pcriteria for justifying a legal strike against a u.s. citizen overseas. they must pose an imminent threat of violent attack, capture is infeasible and the operation must be squint law of war principles. but this newly obtained memo elaborates further. i states u.s. officials may consider whether an attempted capture would
congress about a medicare funding problem when he was mr. obama's budget director. alabama senator jeff sessions leading the fight against lew says he also lied when he said the 2012 budget would not add to the nation's debt. the administration defends lew's claim that the president's budget would not add to the debt. saying it's accurate if you don't count the interest on the debt. republicans didn't buy that argument then and they're not buying it now. democratic senator robert menendez of new jersey is firing back at claims that he engaged in parties with prostitutes during trips to the dominican republic. just before election day this past november, a conservative online publication cited three unidentified sources who claimed menendez flew on private planes to the caribbean and had sex parties with prostitutes during the trips. menendez tells c-n-n those claims are all false. buddy can find them nobody ever met them nobody ever talked to him. all of those accusations are absolutely false. also menendez is also under fire for waiting so long to pay back the charges for using a dono
republican in president obama's cabinet. several republicans said they will vote against him but may not be able to stop his confirmation. >>> in news of the world tonight in the middle east, syria and it's ally iran are questioning retaliation for israel's air strike. syria's civil war has caused international concern that syria's weapons could fall into the hands of extremist groups. >>> in greece, train stations were emptied because of transit worker strikes. greece had to apply for international loans to deal with their budget crisis. >>> more flooding is expected in some places tomorrow, when a river crests. about 7,000 people have been told they won't be going home any time soon. another 23,000 are isolated literally cut off by the highway water and at least six deaths have been blamed so far on all the flooding. >>> she was accused of lipsyncking at obama's inauguration. how beyonce addressed the media days before the super bowl. >>> a multi million dollars mistake that's going to cost one bay area school district. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless recei
: if confirmed hagel would be the only republican in president obama's cabinet. several republicans said they will vote against him but may not be able to stop his confirmation. >>> in news of the world tonight in the middle east, syria and it's ally iran are questioning retaliation for israel's air strike. syria's civil war has caused international concern that syria's weapons could fall into the hands of extremist groups. >>> in greece, train stations were emptied because of transit worker strikes. greece had to apply for international loans to deal with their budget crisis. >>> more flooding is expected in some places tomorrow, when a river crests. about 7,000 people have been told they won't be going home any time soon. another 23,000 are isolated literally cut off by the highway water and at least six deaths have been blamed so far on all the flooding. >>> she was accused of lipsyncking at obama's inaugu >>> at least two people are dead after a massive pile up on a highway in detroit involving 30 vehicles snow is falling but crews say the roads were salted. and in hendricks county i
have been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. >>> and president obama takes the campaign against gun violence on the road today. his first stop, minneapolis, where he'll meet with local leaders to discuss the background checks and youth frams city has implemented. >>> great news about a young woman who has inspired millions. malala yousafzai who was shot by the taliban because she said girls should be allowed to go to school is recovering in england this morning after undergoing a major operation to cover part of her shattered stul with a -- with a titanium plate. bob woodruff just spoke exclusively to malala's very proud father. >> my daughter, it was her dream to send all boys and girls to school. i think that one day, her dream will come true. >> and you can see much more of this exclusive interview tonight on "world news" with diane sawyer. i think it's fair to say, george, no girl in the whole world whose dreams are more deserving to come true. >> boy, that sure is, josh. >>> time for "pop news." >> whether you were rooting for the ravens or the niners, everybody was
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an ally. >>> there might not be a republican filibuster against chuck hagel after all, president obama's nominee for defense secretary. but today republicans tried out a new line. senator lindsey graham of south carolina called hagel clueless about your policy toward iran. he added, i hope the obama administration will reconsider his nomination. reconsider. well, lindsey likely won't be getting that wish either. we'll be right back. they're not going to reconsider. this guy is in. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to legalzoom.com today and make your business dream a reality. at legalzoom.com we put the law on your side. >>> welcome back to "hardball." the legal and moral debate about the use of drones has burst into the public in a big way after
action to be taken against the bush administration, we're now obviously seeing some decisions the obama administration may argue differently. let me make clear, i support what the obama administration is doing here but it goes to show how difficult and messy, when the bush administration would make the point, those senior leaders would say it's difficult for perhaps some to understand what we're dealing with here when we talk about this level, all national security decisions are serious, we talk about this kind of threat we have to make at times very messy and sometimes uncomfortable and oftentimes questionable decisions. my only point is democrats need to now think back how they conducted themselves and questions they raised about bush administration tactics. i didn't raise those questions as aggressively as some of my friends did and important everybody step back and take a breather here, particularly democrats. if this was happening and his name was bush, i think there'd be a lot of criticism coming at this president. >> if george bush had done this, it would have been stopped. >> i
other things and puts her against karl rove, recently the group crossroads put out this ad. >> you know what this country really needs an independent voice for obama. >> i am committed to president obama and vice-president biden. i think he's a brilliant man. 's now able to flower more as the president i knew he could be. >> as someone who shares our values. >> and-- someone from out of state who understands us hillbillies. >> i don't know a lot of hillbillies, hillbillies. >> her own grandmother says she's a hollywood liberal, but isn't that what what we need? ashley judd, an obama following radical while liberal. >> that doesn't sound good. and here from los angeles leslie marshal, also, a woman of the left (laughter) all right, leslie. i don't know why rove and his pals wasted the money, she hasn't declared and rove is coming up and i'll ask him. but the ad is basically another, almost what i said, these people celebrities, really don't know anything and why are we bothering and you say? >> oh, i say i'm living in california where arnold schwarzenegger won because he's a celebrity. s
targets without evidence of specific plots against the u.s. and president obama will be heading to israel next month for meetings with newly re-elected israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he was there in 2008 when he was a presidential candidate. during this trip, the president plans to meet with arab leaders. >>> also in the middle east, iranian president ahmadinejad was in egypt. at a mosque in cairo, a protester threw his shoe at ahmadinejad, which is a big shine of disrespect. that person was arrested. >>> in south korea, a terrifying car crash caught on tape. an suv struck an oncoming after flying over a hedge. it shattered the car's wind shooeld, but we are told both drivers somehow managed to survive the accident. >> wow. you can hear the screaming. oh, one more time. >>> as if getting ready to give birth isn't anxiety producing enough, and i know, listen to this story. they were rushing to the hospital when a thief stole their van, which was being warmed up in their driveway. oh! deputies followed the van in hot pursuit, reaching speeds up to 80 miles per hour until they th
in a senate confirmation hearing hours after obama ordered a confidential memo making the legal case for strikes against u.s. citizens be released. the topic was controversial. >> please remove -- please remove that woman. >> they won't even tell congress what countries we are killing children in. >> please -- if you could please expedite the removal. >> so how did brennan handle the hecklers? take a look. >> actually that was a cat. that wasn't brennan. i apologize for tricking the audience. are you troubled the limits on using drone strikes against americans are a little vague or not vague enough? >> i remember like six, seven years ago and rewee suddenly woke up and it is a good or bad thing to torture people, and i can't believe we got to that moment. and we just skated right past that. we are ordering not just drone strikes against the bad people , but also the american bad people too. >> i can't believe we have gone through this. it is hard to figure out how to be funny. >> he took it seriously. >> don't you fret. >> brandon is full of -- you have to face it 300 civilians died
it comes over here. i have seen some rumblings that maybe president obama will soften his stance against that. >> he might in the context of general corporate tax reform. this is with gun control, sounds great, but we all like it. then you come up with the details and they are really daunting. dennis: i like your optimism they will not be a if they tax increases coming. what about the mindset for businesses we see the president went before the super bowl talk about more tax revenue instead of how to grow the economy. when president bush cut taxes, revenue grew 46% in the next four years over 26% increase in government spending because you helped grow the economy. >> exactly. he will sa talk about new taxesn business. it will not happen. one of the other big changes is republicans who looked so bad in december, disorderly retreat, the republicans are not going to cave again. they are amazingly unified, so i think the bottom line is major new tax increases. dennis: thank you very much. cheryl: energy giant halliburton getting greener. the company is offering what it says is a non-toxic fra
was against the surge in 2007. he was opposed to the surge in afghanistan under barack obama from 2009. told barack obama that he was getting ruled by the generals. she was skeptical quietly about the intervention in libya and now opposes any intervention in syria. gwen: thank you all. we want to take note passing of two men. ed koch, the three-term mayor of new york who transformed the city and became a celebrity in his own right. and max campleman, a diplomat who negotiated cold war treaties -- treatries and during one stage act is as moderator for "washington week in review." we have to go for now but the conversation continues online on the "washington week" webcast extra. we'll be talking about the massachusetts senate race and other topics and on our home page peak into the "washington week" video vault to see what doyle said about the immigration story back in 2007. he looks the same. keep up with daily developments over the pbs news hour and we'll see you again next week on "washington week." good night. >> corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> we know why we'
was there supporting president obama when they were running against one another. you get that. but this is a pretty serious job, tony. this is defense secretary. i mean, do you think that kind of politics, those maybe personal issues should be brought up under these circumstances? >> look, my bias -- jill talked about this earlier about the bias towards the president being able to name the members of his cabinet. i'm a strong believer in this. i don't like the senate holding up the president trying to put his staff in place. i don't think that's what's going to happen here. but in terms of tough grilling at a hearing, these are all grownups. and certainly like i said, chuck hagel has seen it from the other side of the desk for many years. he was a leader of tough questioning of witnesses who sat before him. he's a grownup. he should have been better prepared for it. he should have handled it better. but they cab get through this just fine, i think. >> so just fine, jill, ultimately does hagel get confirmed. even if he does do you think the white house has any second thoughts about this choice? >> i
in unison against this gun lobby and the nonsensical insistence that president obama and anybody else who is concerned about taking care of illegal guns is against the second amendment. >> mark, to that point, the president said we don't have to agree on everything to agree to do something. but the nra position is that they don't agree to anything if it involves changes to the law. >> well, the amazing thing about the nra's position, which i think people are trying to understand right now, they don't represent gun owners in the positions they're taking against universal background checks which is something basically everybody agrees on. when you're at 90% public approval, that is pretty much unanimity behind the idea that if you are a felon, if you are a domestic violence perpetrator, if you are somebody who has a protective order out against them, a drug abuser, the seriously mentally ill, you should not be able to own a gun and you are currently not able to own one so this is merely enforcement of what is on the books. >> and yet if the nation cannot respond after 20 infants are murdere
intelligence sharing and mentoring with mali's forces and uniting the region against militants. >> the tragedy is we did not continue the same policy. >> she later moved over to the pentagon for the obama administration. she says they advocated a policy of trying to contain al-qaeda in north africa, instead of building up the abilities of regional governments to fight them. she says there's no guarantee mukhtar will confine himself to north africa. >> france is definitely a country where he would carry out terrorist attacks. also against americans in american insulations in africa. >> similar perhaps to osama bin laden. when the 1990s began, he was in saudi arabia. in 1992, he crossed into africa and escapeded assassination in sudan. in 1996, bin laden took a chartered flight to afghanistan. in 1998, president clinton ordered a missile strike on bin laden and missed, but crews say they missed other opportunities to get bin lad b. whether the miss on mukhtar ever comes close to the miss on bin laden remains to be seen. >> still to come, the child who was held hostage in an underground bunker ce
. this is a force of remotely controlled planes that have launched hundreds of targeted strikes against al-qaida targets even americans. president obama's nominee to head the cia is the former ief white house counter terrorism advisor under his watch. became the first american targeted for death by u.s. drone strikes in yemen. his son and another american killed weeks later. an unclassified memo leaked this week says it is legal for the government to kill u.s. citizens abroad if he believes there are leaders engaged in operations aimed at killing americans even if there's no evidence of a specific imminent attack. 11 senators most of them demanded the white house provide legal justification. there is bipartisan concern about the program. >> here you have a senior unaccountable doj official who makes the determination that recent activities lead him to conclude he's an imminent threat. not to torture him but to kill him. i am troubled any time government is as nontransparent as this. >> we conduct those strikes because they are necessary to mitigate on going national threats. and again, sav
with is running this ad against her. >> you know what this country really needs? an independent voice for obama. >> i am committed to president obama and vice president biden. i think he's a brilliant man. he is now able to flower more as the president i knew he could be. >> a leader who knows how to follow. >> i will go where ever the president wants me to go. >> the group is spending $10,000 to run the ad online. here's what a spokesman told "outfront" -- taking a page from the chris christie playbook. it's been 552 days since this country lost its top credit rating. good news on hiring. home depot said it's going to hire 80,000 seasonal workers for the spring. 10,000 more than last year. our fourth story, happy birthday, ethan. the child who was abducted from his schoolbus and held hostage for nearly a week was home, safe with his family, celebrating his sixth birthday today. the bunker tonight is now set to be destroyed as soon as they remove all of the evidence. this is according to the sheriff in dale county. cnn is also learning more tonight about the man who held ethan captive after sho
rights advocates are thrilled about the change but some say it goes against their values. during an interview, president obama supports the lifting the ban and saying everybody should have the same opportunities sfwliechblgts wh. >>> what could you buy with $45 million. how about a picasso? it was sold in london last night. also on the auction block a work by monet which sold for $14 million. art experts say despite tough economic times, prices for the most sought-after art works in the world soared in recent years. >>> right now, one of america's most recognizable skiers is on the way back to the states for surgery. lindsey vonn went down hard during her run in austria. she was treated on the slopes and then airlifted to a hospital with two torn lig ligaments and a broken lepg. it could take six to eight months to get back on her skis. that should give her time to prepare for the 2014 winter games. what a terrible fall. i hope she makes a speedy recovery. >>> we're talking about the winter games. the official countdown starts today. >> we're exactly one year away from the openin
to get together and draft a lawsuit against obama into her personal position as a person and as a representative of the united states government. they should represent the son of anwar al-aulaqi. and i would do it pro bono. because he killed that young glowlig -- that young boy. he was only 15. but host: we're getting a little off topic. if your interested in the drone issue, you can watch c-span at 2:30 this afternoon. that is when john brennan's cia confirmation hearing will be held. that will be live on c-span. you can see it on your screen. i want to run through some political and cabinet news that is in the papers this morning. we are going to begin with an article from "politico." now, this article was -- or is in the new york post. from the washington post this morning -- marco rubio to deliver a state of the union gop response to the president's state of the union address next tuesday. this will be live on c-span. this article says that senator rubio will be delivering his response in both english and spanish. back to your calls on sequestration. ilyn. caller: tha
at president obama over his approach to the war on terror. ironically the same issue then senator obama railed about against president george w. bush in the lead up to his 2008 white house win. an in-depth look in a live report. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. ooerd . .. jon: a fox news alert. breaking news really on two of other top stories. a massive search going on in california for a former cop turned murderer. police are looking for christopher dorner. they're focusing around the snowy mountains around big bear lake. he dorner is wanted for killing a pair of police officers and soon to be married newly wods. this happened after dorner wrote a manifesto talking about seeking revenge for those he blamed getting him kicked out of the l.a.p.d. years ago. the know is -- snow is falling in parts of the northeast. a beginning of a blizzard forecasters say could be one for the record books. some a
class mail. the u.s. postal service lost $16 billion last year alone. >>> the obama administration is defending a justice department memo that authorized drone attacks against u.s. citizens working with terrorists overseas. the memo says such actions are legal under three conditions: if the suspect is engaged in planning operations to kill americans, if it's not possible to capture the suspect before an attack and if the operation follows u.s. laws and war principles. >> these strikes are legal. they are ethical and they are wise. >> critics say such an attack would violate the constitutional rights of american terror suspects to a trial by jury. so far there's only one known case of an american targeted with a drone strike anwar al- awlaki in 2011 in yemen. >>> the white house confirms the president will go to middle east next month to israel, west bank and jordan. it will be the first time for mr. obama to visit israel since he took office. he will meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the trip will focus on the resumption of talks betw
overseas killed in strikes. president obama has directed the justice department to hand over classified information complete with the legal rationale for drone strikes against americans linked to al qaeda. that's all according to one official. last year they got a memo saying the government can kill u.s. citizens abroad if they're trying to harm other americans. >>> marylanders sound off. the brown gun legislation started off debates today. our ken molestina is live in rockville where a town hall meeting on the issue just wrapped up. what did you find out? >> reporter: well, it was a packed house here at the town hall meeting. of course the lieutenant governor anthony brown on hand to talk about his proposal. and i'll tell you something, just based on my observation, it seems like more people came out to speak against this proposal than in favor of it. >> and by and large, while i appreciate the effort, i do not support the assault weapons ban. >> we applaud the courage for proposing common sense gun laws. >> reporter: both sides of the gun debate showed up to speak directly to one of t
as the next secretary of defense. today, the white house spokesman said president obama thinks he will be an excellent secretary. he dismissed critics of his performance at a contentious confirmation hearings yesterday. no democrats have said they would vote against him. today, a republican said he would oppose the nomination out. >> anne arundel county executive john leopold has resigned, just days after a judge found him guilty of misconduct in office. he was serving his second term. he issued a statement that said in part, "this decision is the most difficult decision i have ever made, but i know it is. right one and in the best interests of the citizens of anne arundel county." he acknowledged his mistakes. he will be sentenced in march, facing years in jail, but some legal experts believe he will get probation instead. >> the district's chief financial officer is retiring, the announcement coming less than a year after he was appointed to the post for three years. horace holmes joins us from northwest, and he says he's retiring for personal reasons? >> yes absolutely, persona
to separate climate change. they're saying that if obama decides to sign this permit, he is basically going against what he said during the inauguration. let's take a look at what he did say about the climate change during the inauguration. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. [ applause ] >> some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires and crippling drought and more powerful storms. >> well, the reason why this is now making news today is because 53 of our u.s. senators have been urging obama to sign the permit. they don't care about what it's going to do to the climate. later, we'll talk about the financial aspects of this. michael hastierings, you ever more on this story. it's a little ridiculous. >> it's a 1700-mile pipeline. it's been delayed a number of times now but the governor of nebraska has just signed off on it, and now the fate of it rests in president obama's hands and people in nebraska are not happy about it
the religious beliefs of many organizations that have protested they should not be required under obama care to institute contraceptive coverage. it is against their religious beliefs they have said, and it appears the department of health and human services has finally heard them, and is issuing some kind of a rule meant to back away from that requirement. who ultimately pays the bill, that is still a question, but it looks like the government is listening to the voices of religious and other organizations that have protested that they should not be required to pay for contraceptive care under the obama healthcare plan. more coverage as the news comes in ahead on fox. jenna: on the healthcare tip now, february is american heart health month to create awareness about heart disease. and it's a really serious condition that really affects more women than men. one in three women, one in three will die from heart disease. in fact it kills more women than all forms of cancer combined. one woman dies from heart disease in this country every minute. when you look at those statistics it's just incre
plenty of attention by releasing that photograph of president obama's shooting back in august. proof the administration says that he is not against guns per se. on some point the president may succeed limiting the size of magazines perhaps trying to stay the universal background check for gun booirs. the nra says it's a big powerful power grab. >> there will be fees there will be paperwork, there will be law abiding people in a bureaucratic nightmare. there will be abuse in terms of prosecutions and it's all going to effect only the law awe biding people. the criminal coulds ca care les. >> another front outright ban on military style assault rifles the president will face tougher opposition even with his own power. harry reid would consider it but did not commit. >> i didn't vote for all the weapons last time because it didn't make sense. i will take a look at it. >> background checks and a greater focus on those with mental illness who battle mental illness. right now those are the areas that seem to be most likely as we are on capitol hill. >>> before his stop in minneapolis the p
to these policies are against president obama along racial lines. this is not a racial issue. this is not a democrat versus republican issue. this is an issue that we americans are losing our democracy. our constitution is being shredded. gue natione nat internationally. in order to turn this around, which we have got to do, we did not lose 3,000 the law 9/11 to an outside attack. it was a manipulation. that's why we are here. we have lost our government and we have to take it back. host: in other news, the atlanta journal constitution -- and here's the baltimore sun -- that's what the cbo had to say yesterday. and the front page of the washington times -- which also covered that speech on c-span. go to c-span.org to watch that. on immigration reform, here's a piece in the washington post, a profile piece on a republican from idaho. this is how they describe him. the white house try to foster an agreement between labor unions and business on a guest worker program. the white house is treading cautiously, sensing that business and labor leaders are closing in on an agreement that would make the two s
. >>> the obama administration does being asked to justify drone strikes, r against al qaeda linked american citizens. abc news reporter is in washington with more on the story. >> when he took office the president put a stop to some tactics he asked torture. like water boarding but through vikes the administration is taking aim at more than 300 suspected targets. >> the methods are designed to avoid civilian casualty autos this week a 16 page document that says american citizens that are tide al qaeda can be killed. if quote, an informed high level official believes the target poses a threat. the key says the government is not required to have clear evidence n 2011 one man was killed in yemen, an american citizen but a top al yaed leader linked to several terrorist attacks. human rights advocates says the memo goes way too far. >> justifies a claim executive branch can be judge, jury ask executionner. >> retired general stanley mccrystal says drone strikes are going to be more important in the future there should be more thoughtful debate about the use. >> if the threshold gets too low we'l
used to launch drones throughout the region, a tactic against terror which has grown 700% under the obama administration. whatever the benefit of the drone strikes, they have created enormous recentment among some here in the region who view the strikes as another sign of american arrogance. everywhere i travel from yemen. >> i think they are are not right. they are not right. this is our fight. >> to pakistan. >> you are hitting the dark leadership but the byproduct of this is anger. anger among the people. the innocent people who are getting killed. you are just creating more terrorists. >> now, the man who signs off on the kill list from a basement offense in the white house, john brnan about to be questioned in front of the world. >> i suggest that these targeted strikes against al-qaeda terrorists are, indeed, ethical and just. >> reporter: in pakistan alone there have been more than 300 drone strikes in the last decade, killing thousands of al-qaeda and taliban but more than 300 is civilians as well. a world away in remote villages you you can hear them like a distant mute
the ad is mayors against weapons. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> president obama is calling on the boy scouts of america to end its controversial ban on gay members and leaders. a move they will vote on this week. yesterday the president said everyone should have a fair shot to participate. >> the scouts are a great institution that are promoting young people and exposing them to opportunities and leadership that will serve people. >> the organization is set to vote on turning the ban bends. >> right now, friends, family and the city of new york are saying final good-byes to former mayor ed koch. mayor michael bloomberg and president bill clinton will speak at the funeral, just getting under way now. >>> a new york city subway station will be renamed in his honor. starting today the east 77th street will be called mayor ed koch station. he died of congestive heart failure on friday. he was 88 years old. >>> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us now. >> beautiful snow coming down gently. >> light and fluffy. >> snowshowers came through. i took a photo yesterday afte
. >> this is an act against the state. it is an act against our president. i want to condemn this crime and hope it will be solved. >> u.s. president barack obama's choice for secretary of defense is facing tough questions. chuck hagel was asked to defend his views on iran and israel. the toughest questions came from members of his own party. >> were you correct or incorrect. said the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? were you correct or incorrect? yes or no? the question is where you right or wrong. that's a pretty straightforward question. >> well -- >> were you right or wrong? the elaborate. >> i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> then let the record shows he refused to answer the question. >> if you will like me to explain -- >> i would actually like an answer, yes or no. >> i think it's far more complicated than that. my answer as i will defer the judgment of history. >> was will is investigating. a student with a gun made it possible for detectives to go in and shoot a fellow classmate. police surrounded the school in atlan
this discrimination against the unemployed really heads. obama lee wittman, but not only, -- predominantly women, but not only, they go back to the home to take care of kids. we discriminate against the unemployed, we're putting up an additional barrier against women who have left the work force for a while for caretaking and try to get back again. host: there was an op-ed on this - guest: the federal law, the fair employment opportunity act, very explicitly did not enshrine the status of unemployment and a civil-rights act. we did not have that rise to the level of the immutable protections we have in the civil rights act. there is a lot of talk about why this is not like race discrimination or sex discrimination. there are differences and that is why they are handled differently. new york city and d.c. have been enshrining their protections in their civil rights acts but their civil- rights acts have different quality and characteristics. beyond that, this is something that is so important for our economic recovery, to make sure we give people a fair chance. everybody raises the threat of ramp
precision strikes against al qaeda and their aaffiliates. >> that was president obama last month defending the drone program. in his four years in office, the president has made unprecedented use of this weapon, with more than 400 cia strikes against targets in pakistan and yemen. that's eight times as many as under president george w. bush. and now nbc news's michael isikoff has obtained a 16-page justice department memo that makes the legal argument to justify this administration's use of drones to kill terror suspects, including american citizens. the government can order the killing of its own citizens without due process if those citizens are believed to be senior operational leaders of al qaeda or an associated force, even if there is no intel indicating they are involved in an active plot to attack the united states. today attorney general eric holder addressed the issue. >> we only take these kinds of actions when there is an eminent threat, when capture is not feasible, and when we are confident we are doing so in a way that is consistent with federal and international law. >> yet
enemy against whom he is sworn to protect the nation. he has said that president obama is part of a socialistic elite planning to declare martial law. and he has said that the president may use the excuse of a flu pandemic to declare a martial law. he said, quote, we've seen that historically. guess how this gentleman feels about health reform? >> folks, this is obama care. let me start this by telling you what i think of this bill and obama care. they only have one agenda, and that is socialism. i call it -- i call it a steamroll of socialism that is being driven by nancy pelosi, harry reid, and fueled by barack obama. >> so very strong feelings about obama care. i should also tell you, though, that congressman browne also has very strong feelings about fruits and vegetables. he has very, very strong feelings about fruits and vegetables. >> the cdc, they're going to be calling you and finding out how many fruits and vegetables you eat today. this is socialism of the highest order. >> you see, there is dominions and cherubims and seraphims. and the cdc calling on your vegetable
out in the open and, of course, when he was merely a senator, barack obama would have been fiercely against this. >> bill: indeed. this official could be high level, informed high level official could be the director of the cia. it could be the defense secretary. it could be the national security advisors or it could be just some low-level [delete]cleric clerk out in the -- mid level, let's saycleric clerk out in the -- mid level, let's say say? >> it's completely unaccountable. >> bill: on the issue -- that whole question of drones i think a very serious one and i am sure today's briefing is going to be no, ma'am -- dominated by that as well. the president, a couple of days ago, out in minneapolis on the issue of guns this with law enforcement officials, looks like the president has this issue, he is running with it and he doesn't care whether politically it's an uphill battle or not. do you get that sense? >> yes, i do but i think he also -- he's also starting to realize he's going to have a problem with an assault weapons ban, which is very disa
and only follows obama, that's plate book, right? that could run against someone
. the attacks came as tens of thousands of sunnis, protested today against the shiite-led government. >>> president obama will host a farewell ceremony today for defense secretary leon panetta. one of his last acts as secretary was testifying before the senate armed services committee. they discussed last year's deadly attack in benghazi, libya and says budget cuts slowed down america's response to the attack. the looming sequestration on march 1st would cause more damage to the national defense strategy. >>> 6:17 now. the sluggish economy may be taking a toll on young adults. they are the most stressed out americans according to a new online survey. americans between 18 and 33 say they have more stress now than a year ago. more than half of them say stress is causing them to lose sleep. doctors believe these young people's finances are at least partially o to blame. >> many of the young people have come out of college or graduate school with horrendous school debt. the job market, there are not very many jobs. this has put their life plans probably on hiatus. they may be postponing
of is a weird, sellout, crazy dem and only follows obama, that's plate book, right? that could run against someone who is not a left leaning hollywood liberal. again, no offense. >> and this word hollywood with ashley judd is not going to hurt her. that's why they know her name. >> they know that, they're going to hear her out. there's no doubt she has repellant around her that helps deal a blow to the main thing here. the o'connell camp says we're not worried about this at all. not on the numbers but the fact that major republican players here are running ads just shows how worried they already are. >> there's no incumbent in the world who isn't worried when they're at 47 and they are panicked when there's an unannounced challenger at 43. >>
a quote, obama following radical hollywood liberal right at home here in tennessee. i mean, kentucky. the actress is mulling over a bid against republican leader, mitch mcconnell. the ad was paid for by american cross road. the super pack cofounded by paul roe. >>> more praise for the baltimore ravens. the super bowl champs got a big thumb's up from a house minority leader and baltimore native. >> they beat a mighty champion at the super bowl. as a proud 49er fan who grew up on johnny united in baltimore, going to those games as a teenager and raising my own children on joe montana and steve young, you can just imagine how exciting this game was. >> congresswoman pelosi's district covers that and she was in new orleans for the game. >>> what will go down as one of the easiest drug busts of all time. we'll explain that. you are watching wusa9. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >>> a segment of the population not known
constitution freedoms have been abridged by the last 10 years and more as president obama is unhappily following in that tradition. >> we will speak with whistleblower daniel ellsberg who is in new york this week to attend an appeal in his lawsuit against the ndaa. we will speak with computer security researcher jacob appelbaum who lost a federal appeals court ruling that the government could subpoena his twitter and e-mail information without a warrant as part of its probe into wikileaks. the boy scouts of america prepared to vote on whether to lift its ban on gay members. >> the question always comes down to, can case raise quick -- raise kids? most people really do not have an answer. i raise my hand and say, i was raised by gay couple and i'm doing pretty well. i started 99% on the act, i own and operate my own business, i am an eagle scout. i believe i would make you very proud. >> we will speak with eagle scouts zach wahls. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the obama administration's legal ration
with a parade from city hall. president obama called head coach john harbaugh and the gem to congratulate them on their win against the 49ers. we'll have more in just a few minutes. >> tucker barnes was up there. >> it was incredible. i mean -- you know, it is so neat to see so many people together for a happy occasion. everybody is just celebrating. >> anybody work up there yesterday? >> i was going to say. i don't think anybody went to work and i was amazed at how many school groups were out with kids. >> wasn't there 8 though pow people at the stadium. >> they closed the stadium because it was over capacity. i can tell you where i was -- >> in the stadium and on the field. >> i heard 200,000 people showed up for it total. on the parade route. >> were you doing the dance? >> i never did the dance. when the camera was off i was moving around a little bit. >> you probably couldn't move much up there. >> we'll get the nationals, capitals and redskins and parade down pennsylvania avenue s let's do some weather and reagan national is in the 30s t got cold overnight. temperature falling back in th
. the obama won a tactical grassroots victory against a very weak candidate. but now that strategists are recognizing grassroots is the future. i don't think the republican party will be successful with this. they have such low credibility with the grassroots they couldn't done kate the obama machine if they wanted to. that's why freedom works will only grow over time. in conclusion, i viewed 2012 as a stalemate election. the republican house majority was retained from 2010. the composition of senate actually became slightly more fiscally conservative with ted cruise and neff flake and the president won with his emphasis on grassroots. but the big story is growing demographic in america, that fiscally conservative independent group. the lesson is if you align yourself with those voters in the policy instance of what they care about then you're going to be well positioned for the future. both parties will tack toward this libertarian center over time. thank you. >> thank you to the georgetown law center for hosting this conversation today. i'll be at the game tomorrow. i'm going to be
against wall street interests. >> that's right. >> so i think president obama's pick of mary jo white really was based on her proven track record as a senior federal prosecutor and her ability to get tough settlements from wall street and weighing that against her potential conflicts from representing certain wall street firms. i think it's a small price to pay, and the s.e.c. does have policies and procedures in place to deal with conflicts, but it shouldn't disqualify a person of mary jo white's caliber from serving as a chairwoman. >> that's a great point. >> andrew? >> ihinkou hit the nail on the head. it is sort of an optics issue, and the s.e.c. is trying to get a new reputation, after missing bernie madoff and allen stanford, they are trying to create a new s.e.c., and when you have the chairperson not being able to take part in crucial, crucial enforcement actions, as a minimum the optics are horrific. >> well, we will see what happens. thank you, gentleman, for your thoughts on this. >> thank you, bill. >> thanks so much, guys. >> 20 minutes before the closing bell sounds for
raul is right about that and offer a moving target. it's harder to focus on campaigning against any one proposal for the other side and the jury's out about whether this will work. the white house points to the beginning of obama's first term when he successfully used that momentum off of the '08 election and off of his original inauguration to accomplish many of the domestic policy successes of the first term right away. the difference is that was a democratic house, a wholly democratic congress. right now, we have divided government and so it's a different equation and remains to be seen whether the republican house is susceptible to this kind of pressure. >> thank you. great pleasure having both of you on. >>> we're just learning president obama plans to visit israel this spring. it will mark the president's first visit to the nation since taking office. president obama spoke about the trip with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu last week. big news there. >>> just in the past hour, new comments from the white house on the confidential justice department memo obtained by nbc n
that memo said. >> so you're saying president obama is using drones illegally? >> i'm saying if he uses it against american citizens without specific intelligence, yes. >> the take home message here is enhanced interrogation is wrong, killing suspects is okay. it's basically like saying shoplifting is bad, but killing the shoplifter okay. this is why i want to be a liberal, because you can act like a conservative when a republican kills, it's evil. but when a democrat kills, oh, look a pretty butterfly. >> earlier this week, the left, looneys were after me saying oh, now, this is the one who defended the torture and the waterboarding of three terrorists and now she's defending drone policy! they don't even understand their own hypocrisy. >> can i point out some of their hypocrisy? roll that clip of eric holder in 2009. >> i agree with you, mr. chairman, waterboarding is torture. >> do you believe that the president of the united states has the authority to exercise a commander in chief override and immunize acts of torture? >> it's my belief that the president does not have the power th
of talked a big game on this. i don't think you are likely to see too many of the democrats vote against an obama nominee for the cabinet for anything. >> after brennan i agree with you that brennan will be confirmed. my fear my column out today on this whole drone policy letting obama off the hook on drones where they did not want to let george bush off of the hook on torture and rendition and other things that he was citing the authority of the authorization to use force of authority for. >> that's my column at any rate. my fear is -- >> what i want to ask you is once brennan is confirmed, the whole issue of drones is going to go away? >> that's one of the favorite games is: what if george bush had done it. if george bush had a secret drone program. >> i would be raising hell and a lot of other people would. >> it would be, you know it would probably be a much more significant issue, given sort of the narrative of what the rest of his foreign policy was like. >> sure. there would be hearings in the senate and in the house and it may be not in the house.
: as president obama's top counter-terrorism adviser, john brennan has overseen a five-fold increase in drone strikes against suspected terrorists. brennan today told the senate intelligence committee those strikes are critical for national security, but brennan said he'd rather capture terrorists than kill them. >> we only take such actions as a last resort to save lives when there's no other alternative to taking an action that's going to mitigate that threat.ep >> reporter: brennan defended a policy permitting americans to be targeted if they're actively plotting with al qaeda. oregon senator ron wyden objected. >> it's the idea of giving any president unfettered power to kill an american without checks and balances that is so troubling. every american has the right to know when their government believes it's allowed to kill them. >> reporter: the committee also questioned brennan about the enhanced interrogation techniques, or e.i.t.s, used to question al qaeda terrorists. brennan was a high-ranking cia officer when the bush administration employed those harsh tactics. but brennan said he
action against wall street bks or cautious support to strengthen them. while the bankers waited, obama kept his own counsel. >> for the economy, this is what freefall feels like. >> when will the recession end? >> narrator: the nation's top bankers were summoned to the white house. >> the president invited 15 of the... >> after leveling some very harsh words at bankers... >> narrator: the president wanted to talk to them. >> looking for accountability from the nation's banking leaders, today president obama is meeting with ceos of some of the nation's... >> thirteen bankers were called into a room to meet with the president of the united states. they were told that they were going to be chastised, that this was going to be the opportunity for the president to vent the public's anger. >> narrator: they headed some of the largest banks in the country. throughout the crisis, they had received massive bailouts. >> walking into that meeting, these guys have not been this nervous since they were in nursery school. they're ultimately powerful, sovereign men atop their institutions, but now th
a cyber attack against america. the obama administration is said to be many the midst of developing new guidelines for digital warfare including how the military can react with preemptive strikes. >>> "the wall street journal." iran's foreign minister told world leaders yesterday tehran is prepared to resume negotiations over its nuclear program. the u.s. and european officials, however, are skeptical such talks will happen. iran has delayed similar negotiations in the past and is yet to formally commit a delegation to a new round of talks scheduled for later this month. >>> and usa today," several school districts throughout the u.s. are considering a ban on energy drinks such as a-hour energy and red bull. a recent study found emergency room visits linked to such drinks doubled over the past four years. in 2011, the energy drink industry was valued at $8.9 billion. can i just say, anybody feel comfortable -- does anybody drink those thing? >> no. >> kids. >> have you guys ever drank red bull? i've known a few adults -- i know the "morning joe" staff does. >> it's not good for you. >>
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